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Ram ∙ Dunelmensis ∙ Eagle

Research Specialist and Analyst. Doctoral Research in Intelligence Studies, Durham University. International Relations, Arabic Language, and Political Science graduate from Durham University, American University in Cairo, and the University of Rhode Island. Occasional Pink Floyd curator, habitual enthusiast. Fitful rock ‘n’ roll historian, journalist, and contributing editor. Writer and podcaster.

Research Interests: MENAP, Latin-American, Anglo-American Relations and Domestic Politics ∙ Realism ∙ Evolutionary Psychology ∙ Sociobiology ∙ Chronobiology ∙ Leadership Analysis ∙ US Presidential Electoral Process ∙ Post 1983 Pink Floyd

History Interests: Cold War ∙ Andrew Jackson  Ulysses S. Grant  1961-1993 US Presidency ∙ 1997-2016 UK Prime Ministry ∙ Mormon (Restorationism)  Celtic  Golf ∙ Polo  Red Sox ∙ Newcastle United ∙ Tattooing  Numismatics

The Mighty Goodfellas: Electric Guitar and Background Vocals

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