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Pink Floyd, debutta un sito a loro dedicato

December 30, 2020

Lopez-Reyes è stato collaboratore ed editore del libro 'Pink Floyd: Album by Album' di Martin Popoff nel 2018.

Pink Floyd: novo site incrível detalha história da “era David Gilmour”

December 30, 2020

Intitulado Publius Enigma, o site oferece entrevistas com figuras icônicas da história do grupo como as irmãs McBroom (que fizeram backing vocals para o Pink Floyd por anos), o vocalista e guitarista Bjørn Riis (Airbag), o saxofonista e guitarrista do Pink Floyd Scott Page e também Jon Carin, que tem passagens tanto pela banda quanto pelas carreiras solo de Gilmour e Waters.

Pink Floyd : Un nouveau site web explore l'univers du groupe de Rock Progressif après 1983

December 29, 2020

Publius Enigma est un projet de Wolf & King Media sous la direction de M. Lopez-Reyes. Le site présente des photographies de Marie Lopez et des illustrations d’Ahmed Emad Eldin, concepteur de la pochette de l’album The Endless River de Pink Floyd.

New website explores the Pink Floyd universe post 1983

December 28, 2020

Publisher Ed Lopez-Reyes described the project as an academic approach to understanding Pink Floyd’s work – including the work of each of its members as solo artists – in the era that began with The Final Cut.

Nuevo sitio web explora el universo de Pink Floyd después de 1983

December 28, 2020

"El editor Ed Lopez-Reyes describió el proyecto como un enfoque académico para comprender el trabajo de Pink Floyd, incluido el trabajo de cada uno de sus miembros como artistas solistas, en la era que comenzó con The Final Cut."

New website focuses on post-1983 Pink Floyd

December 28, 2020

"Ed Lopez-Reyes has launched, a website focused on Pink Floyd’s post-1983 work, along with solo work from the band’s alumni."

Charity Christmas Single Includes Pink Floyd and David Gilmour Alumni (by way of The Orb)

December 19, 2020

The Mighty Goodfellas' new holiday single, A Feel Good Christmas, is intended to help raise awareness of Wells Bring Hope, a non-profit that helps provide clean water sources in Niger, Africa. The band includes Pink Floyd alumnus Scott Page and The Orb's Tim Bran, who worked with David Gilmour on their 2010 collaboration, Metallic Spheres; Publius Enigma publisher Ed Lopez-Reyes on electric guitar.  

“Libertarians for National Popular Vote” Organizes

May 28, 2020

On May 28, a new group to help work for the National Popular Vote Plan was announced. It is “Libertarians for the National Popular Vote”. The advisory board consists of Gary Johnson, Lincoln Chafee, Ed Lopez, Kevin R. L. Martin, and Michael Melendez. Here is the group’s website.

In the name of Greenwich free speech

October 27, 2019

The Greenwich Representative Town Meeting (RTM) is voting on a seemingly innocuous item this Monday (Item 3) that, if approved, will lead to a great deal of confusion and ethical risk with respect to how and when an RTM member — your elected representative at Town Hall — can express views and raise concerns on behalf of their district.

A Popular Electoral College?

September 8, 2019

Republican political strategist Ed Lopez discusses the federalist argument for the National Popular Vote.

Ed Lopez on The Open Mind: A Popular Electoral College

September 2, 2019

On this episode of The Open Mind, we're delighted to welcome Ed Lopez-Reyes to continue our discussion of the national popular vote movement with one of its most important grassroots advocates on the eastern seaboard. A Connecticut-based Republican strategist Lopez is chief consultant of Wolf and King Strategies and served on the Joint Intelligence Operations Center Europe Analytics Center in imagery and counterterrorism from 2002 through 2010. He also served on Utah Governor Jon Huntsman's 2012 New Hampshire presidential primary campaign steering committee and was National Co-chairman of Republicans for Johnson-Weld in 2016. A member of the National Guard in Connecticut, Lopez also returned from a month long training in Louisiana.

The Small State Shuffle

September 11, 2018

Opponents of the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact often rely on red-herring arguments to defend the status quo. Chief among them is an objection I like to call the “small state shuffle”. The opposing argument goes something like this: ‘The Electoral College is there to protect the small states and most small state voters are Republican. Therefore, the current system is good for small states and by extension Republican candidates for president.’ When confronted with facts counter to this inaccurate narrative, they claim you are a shill for liberal Democrats.

A goal RTM members can agree on

January 12, 2018

The 2017 municipal election in Greenwich will be remembered for three things: underscoring ideological hues more apropos to presidential elections, its volume of candidates, and the national attention it beckoned. A challenge those of us who were elected to the Greenwich Representative Town Meeting (RTM) can universally agree on tackling: to amplify and optimize constituent outreach with renewed zeal.

The Conservative Alternative to a Carbon Tax

May 11, 2017

In politics, just like the stock market, one knows where the big money play is at any given time. For the past several months in D.C., the big money is behind a carbon tax scheme to address global warming. Whoever is writing the checks decided to rebrand the largest tax increase in the history of the United States as a “conservative” strategy.

Liberty Tour visits campus to advocate for Johnson: Governor Gary Johnson funds national tour, uses comedy to engage students

October 25, 2016

"The main reason that I chose to come on this tour and talk to millennials and talk to students all over the country is because in addition to being libertarian, I’m a realist,” Ed Lopez said. “And so, I sympathized a lot with one of Gary Johnson’s principles of good government. And that’s a principle of realism.”

New Republicans for Johnson/Weld super PAC has Massachusetts roots

August 11, 2016

The group has its roots in New England, with Martin and co-chairman Ed Lopez-Reyes of Connecticut. Former Massachusetts Republican state Rep. Dan Winslow, who grew up in Amherst, serves on its national leadership team.

Republican Support for Libertarian Candidates

August 8, 2016

Ed Lopez, co-chair of Republicans for Johnson/Weld, talked about why he and other Republicans were supporting the Libertarian ticket in 2016, as well as their work to bolster third-party candidates.

The real mirage

May 11, 2015

Mark Drought's recent averring in these pages (May 1 column, "Libertarianism is a mirage") that U.S. Sen. Rand Paul is an unelectable presidential candidate overlooks two critical points voters should be aware of as we approach the 2016 election; particularly if we harbor hope for a constructive and meaningful outcome.

‘Young Conservatives for Freedom to Marry’ in NH to launch campaign to reform RNC platform

June 4, 2014

“We have had a lot of success talking to College Republican groups and a lot of them have changed their issue statements and platforms on gay marriage,” Ed Lopez, national vice chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus and a leader in the Freedom to Marry movement, told the New Hampshire Journal today in an interview ahead of the visit.

RI Republican Senate Caucus Supports Marriage Equality

April 23, 2013

Ed J. Lopez, a Young Conservatives for the Freedom to Marry leadership committee member who is National Vice Chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus, said: “Rhode Island Republicans are leading the way to a more inclusive GOP — one that can continue to grow and stay relevant as America changes. Their actions today show that not only do they know the freedom to marry is completely in line with conservative values like personal liberty and the importance of family, they are working to make it a reality.”

Huntsman 2012, New Hampshire – Working on the Campaign

 October 24, 2012

Having lived briefly under Jon Huntsman’s tenure as Governor of Utah, and as someone who has a few things in common with the Governor – including his religious background, a life-shaping passion for rock music, and a conservative-but-libertarian-leaning, pragmatic approach to politics – I feel I was able to ponder what went wrong with the Governor’s presidential campaign from a fairly unique perspective; particularly as someone who served on the Jon Huntsman for President New Hampshire State Steering Committee.

The Libertarian Case for Jon Huntsman

December 2, 2011

Last May, when Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels was pondering a White House bid, Jason Sorens of the University of Buffalo wrote a commentary that went largely unnoticed. Wanting to “take a look at Jon Huntsman,” who has been “widely viewed as a ‘moderate’ Republican, but whose” policies “stake out a position that may be more libertarian than Daniels’,” Sorens concluded that after former Gov. Gary Johnson and Texas Congressman Ron Paul, Huntsman offered the most libertarian credentials — besting even Daniels.

N.H. Mormons hope GOP candidates raise awareness

August 1, 2011

Ed Lopez, president of Nashua Habitat for Humanity who joined the Mormon Church in college, said he believes Romney and Huntsman’s candidacies make a statement Mormonism has become more mainstream in American culture. “The church has become more acceptable to people,’’ he said. “People realize Latter-day Saints are people who work in the checkout at the supermarket, their neighbor, boss, the person running Jet Blue, or running Marriott Hotels.’’

Vision 2020 should focus on Nashua as destination city

September 19, 2010

A commendable effort to create a 10-year blueprint for the city of Nashua with input from its residents began last March. One objective was to ensure executed decisions rather than ideas embedded permanently in discussion if not altogether forgotten.

New student run political journal goes online at Durham

April 28, 2005

Managing Editor Ed Lopez said, ‘We received many interesting contributions for this first edition, but the articles we chose covered a wide geographic range, which we thought would be a fitting introduction to the journal.’

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